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In a busy home, your kitchen floor has to work as hard as you do. Your kitchen isn’t just the heart of your home but, for most of us, it’s also one of the hardest-working spaces in the house. It’s a family space for working, playing and relaxing from first thing in the morning to last thing at night. Your kitchen floor has to work just as hard, coping with everything from spilt milk to dirty dogs. And, it has to stay looking good with the minimum of attention. This is why Neobo LVT flooring makes the perfect kitchen floor.

LVT Flooring

in the Kitchen

LVT Flooring in the Bathroom

Choosing the wrong bathroom flooring can be the difference between a relaxing and calming bath at the end of a long week's work, and simply another stress trigger to top off a bad week. Your bathroom has to take on many different roles within your household, from being a place of serenity to the families morning hub.  The natural comfort and warmth that Neobo LVT flooring provides underfoot will invite you into your bathroom each morning whilst it also gives you the peace of mind that it can more than deal with water being thrown everywhere by the kids at bath-time. 

LVT Flooring in the Living Space

The design of living spaces can say a lot about you. It's your chance to let your inner interior designer run wild and tell all your visitors about you as a person. Your choice of flooring, therefore, is key to the rooms whole design and ambience. Whether it is the subtle realism of a summer oak parquet that allows you to remain understated and sleek or the more on trend grey tones of a Limed Pebble Grey , Neobo's LVT flooring allows you to be you.   

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I have spent more than half of my life working in the LVT flooring sector.  When I met with the CEO of Amtico, His passion for the LVT flooring product and ambition for the business won me over and I joined the company when the LVT category was in its infancy. After 15 years of being a director at Amtico, I moved on to form Neobo. 


My ambitions for Neobo were to always focus on what the customer wanted first and foremost. This is why at neobo our aims as a company are to provide a very high-quality LVT Flooring product with an equally high level of service, at a price that is both accessible to the consumer and that allows contractors to benefit.  


We hope that you like our new collection and look forward to working with you in the future. 













Simon Mills - Neobo CEO

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