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How to make more money by using neobo

How does neobo compare to other LVTs in terms of product quality?

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Often price reflects product quality and you 'get what you pay for'. However, when it comes to neobo and our product the complete opposite is the case. All of our new collection has a 0.55mm wear layer and not only matches the quality of Amtico Spacia and Karndean Van Gogh but also exceeds it on some key factors including design. 

See below for the technical information comparison




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Industry Leading Pattern Repeat

Pattern repeat is one of the key design aspects in which Neobo excels as a product. 


Pattern repeat relates to how often the same knot or pattern on a product repeats in a design. The longer the repeat the more realistic a floor will look and the less you will see the same design repeated.   


Products in our new collection have an industry-leading pattern repeat. Some of our product designs have a pattern repeat of over 2 meters. Meaning you will not see the same design repeat itself on a floor for two meters.






Ask any provider of LVT what their pattern repeat is. The likelihood is that they won't tell you and if they do it will be significantly less than 2 meters.  

The Neobo 'Supermatte' Finish

LVT is a plastic flooring product. However, our goal when creating this collection was to make it look as close to the wood or stone design as we could. Therefore, every product in this collection has our 'neobo super matte' finish. 


The super matte finish means that the product is as far from the glossy finish that plastic gives as we could get. Alongside our pattern repeat, this means that most of our designs will look more realistic than most competitor LVTs



Next time you get a chance, put our product next to that of a competitor and you'll see the difference in finish. 


Our Design Pedigree

Our CEO Simon Mills was, amongst other roles, Design Director at Amtico for 15+ years. He spearheaded the introduction of Spacia to the market, which at the time was considered the market leading LVT product in terms of its design. 


Simon took this wealth of knowledge and experience and applied it to the neobo collection. Every aspect of our product, from wear layer quality to our supermatte finish has been carefully considered and Simon has taken this product to a level that is industry leading. 


Neobo's unique position means that when designing this range, we knew the industry-leading benchmarks for pattern repeat, for product finishes and safety features such as slip resistance. Allowing us to create a product that leads the way in each of these aspects. 



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