White Oak Flooring

White oak flooring has become one of the most stylish options for a modern home. A light coloured floor gives rooms a sense of space; making rooms appear bigger and brighter. Its neutral hue allows a wide range of interior styles to be used alongside it, but its uniqueness still makes a statement. A sense of calm is created by the pale colours, and maintenance wise it is not as scary as it sounds! Light coloured floors do not show dirt and dust as quickly as dark floors do, making it a great choice for the busy homeowner.

The opportunities for styling a room with white oak flooring are endless, the floor’s versatility means that it can enhance a large range of styles of interior. The light and bright feel that the floor provides could be matched with minimal furniture and relaxed fabrics, giving a modern and simplistic Scandinavian approach to your living space.

Alternatively, the floor could be juxtaposed against decadent furnishings and darker furniture; providing a thought provoking interior approach. Or, Californian living springs to mind; the pale white oak flooring echoing Californian beach houses if paired with houseplants, wood furniture and gold accents.

In kitchens, white oak floors are beautiful; a desirable and classic farmhouse style of kitchen can be achieved. Or, alternatively, a modern look could be created with darker coloured cabinets and a marble counter top. White oak flooring is also a perfect choice for modern bathrooms.

The light, bright and breezy atmosphere that the floor creates generates a relaxing spa like finish to a bathroom. If styled with minimalist bathroom fittings and luxurious accessories, a tranquil and calming space can be fashioned – creating a sanctuary away from the hustle of everyday life.

The white oak floor trend can be seen across the catalogues of flooring available to customers. As options increase and typical expectations of what a floor should look like do so too, unexpected colourways, such as grey are becoming more popular. For example, Neobos ‘Chalked Lace’ is a unique take on the white oak floor trend, the addition of grey hues allows the floor to be appropriate in every kind of room.

The colour grey is hugely popular in current interiors. Grey toned walls and floors are a more style focused option opposed to plainer neutrals, and they still create a blank canvas for a room. A grey toned floor offers sophistication and depth, whilst not dominating a space. As is the case with white oak flooring, the grey floor trend lends itself to versatility when it comes to interiors. A feeling of comfort could be created with ease, by including comfortable sofas, sheepskin rugs and warm lighting. Comparatively, a modern composition could be created with bold art on the walls, bright colours and dark furniture.

White flooring may be considered daunting and impractical in a home that sees wear and tear. A notoriously easy colour to stain; it may be a homeowners worst nightmare to have a white oak floor. This is true for real hardwood flooring. Hardwood is susceptible to scratching and staining, especially in areas of the home which are heavily trafficked such as hallways and kitchens. This difficulty of maintaining real white wood floors means that although their aesthetic appearance, the everyday practicality may deter homeowners from this option. LVT options allow the desire for natural looking flooring to be met without the issues of damage and high maintenance. Choosing a Vinyl Tile option for your white oak flooring means that compromises do not have to be made in either style or practicality. LVT’s durability means that white oak flooring can be achieved in all rooms in the house – including bathrooms and kitchens – where a real hardwood white floor would be in danger of staining and water damage.

White oak flooring is a trend that has made a big impact in the flooring world, and does not appear to be going anywhere soon. By choosing an LVT option for your own white oak floor the risk of damage and staining is lost, but you can still have a stylish and contemporary white oak look floor that lends itself to a wide range of décor choices. White oak flooring can open up your home, making it feel brighter and bigger and leaving you with a wide range of design possibilities for you rooms. It also shouldn’t be forgotten, that the versatility of white oak floor allows it to adhere seamlessly to the existing style of you home, simply refreshing it, and giving it a lighter and brighter touch.

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