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What is LVT?

For many homeowners, LVT is likely the answer to many of their flooring questions. Looking for a waterproof yet stylish option for your Bathroom? LVT is the answer. Looking for a floor that is suitable for your dog and that won’t get damaged easily? LVT is your answer. But what is LVT? You’ve probably heard of LVT before or you may even have it in your home but it has likely been presented to you in the name of one of two LVT brands; Amtico or Karndean.

What is LVT (main image)

But what exactly is LVT?

Often LVT will get mistaken for being a Wood, Laminate or Stone and this is no happy accident. LVT is made up of several different layers that a fused together using heat and pressure. These layers are; A vinyl backing layer, a vinyl core, the digital print film layer, the protective wear layer and then in some cases a urethane coating. This coating plus the thickness of the wear layer is key as this is what is going to protect your floor in both residential and commercial environments. As you can see LVT’s digital print layer is what makes people often mistake it for a Wood or Laminate Flooring.

Neobo What is LVT

Now we have answered the question ‘’What is LVT’’, what are the advantages of LVT over all other flooring options?

LVT is Waterproof

LVT is 100% waterproof as it is made from vinyl (PVC), this makes it the number one choice for bathrooms and kitchens. No more stress when things get spilled in the kitchen or the children makes a mess at bath time.

What is LVT (Bathroom)

LVT is Pet-Friendly

Due to the wear layer and coating applied to LVT which we discussed above in ‘What is LVT’, LVT is very pet-friendly when it comes to scratching and marking your new floor. This layer is highly scratch resistant meaning that your whole floor is protected when your pet decides to go crazy at the postman.


LVT is a Designers Dream

LVT can look exactly how you’d like it to look. If you’d like a grey parquet style flooring, LVT can give you that. If you’d like a dark stone look, LVT can also give you that. This is why it is a designers dream, you can get all of these great benefits, in any design that you’d like. This is why LVT is a preferred flooring option for commercial designers. Which leads us nicely into our next point.

What is LVT (Design)


The Price of LVT varies from brand to brand. However, although in some cases initial outlay can be a little higher than an alternative, LVT will likely last you a very very long time compared to that alternative. On the flip side of that, due to the design capabilities listed above you can also use LVT to get a design look that may have cost you a fortune, when using the original material, for a fraction of the cost.

What is LVT Marble

LVT is easy to maintain and/or replace

A quick swipe with a damp mop and often this is all you'll need to maintain your LVT Flooring. However, if you need to perform a much deeper clean then LVT is more than resistant to most chemical cleaners. If an accident does occur and a tile was to get damaged, LVT is very easy to replace as it can be done on a tile by tile basis.


LVT is widely used in the commercial world as a flooring option. Why is this? Simply put it's often down to its ability to withstand high levels of traffic. This is usually backed up by a fantastic warranty. Dependant on the thickness of the wear layer LVT can last you up to 25 years with a warranty to match.

So there we have it. Hopefully that elusive question of ‘What is LVT’ has been answered for you, alongside how LVT can benefit you and your home. I know we must have missed something out here, so if you have any questions or want to add any wisdom or LVT knowledge to help out other please do so in the comments below.

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