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Trend Guide - Parquet Flooring

A classic style of flooring that is having a resurgence in recent years is Parquet. Instantly providing traditional and rural charm, this style of flooring is a fantastic way to revamp a room in a way that will not date.

Parquet LVT Neobo

Parquet flooring for those who are not familiar is a style of flooring that is so traditional in fact, that it can be dated back to the 17th century. It is a style of flooring that consists of many small planks of wood, fitted together in a geometric pattern - typically herringbone.

The style is perfect for those who want to make an impact with their floor, but not stray too far from the classic and be sure that they will still like the floor in five years time. This makes it a great investment for your home that will not date, works in every room in the house and can adapt to any changes in styles of interior.

Spiced Rum Parquet LVT

A further factor that has made Parquet so popular is its ability to be created in most types of wood - different shades of wood creating different effects. With recent advancements in flooring, that traditional Parquet style can be achieved now with LVT easily and most importantly, effectively.

Those who are familiar with the benefits of LVT will be aware of its practical nature. It is water resistant, and long wearing making it a perfect option for all rooms in the house. The way in which the vinyl tiles are laid when achieving a Parquet finish adds an extra layer of durability and stability. By choosing LVT to achieve this style also saves on cost - real hardwood floors are expensive both in terms of material and upkeep.

A particular type of Parquet flooring that is very popular at the moment is a classic oak colour wood. Neobo’s Warm Ginger Parquet creates a warm and inviting atmosphere in a room, particularly effective in medium to large sized rooms that have the space to not be swallowed by this statement floor. To achieve that traditional Parquet look, we advise you stick to tones typically associated with the style, such as warm oak colours and darker woods. This colour of Parquet is about as classic as you can get.

Warm Ginger Parquet LVT

However, a modern take can be made by introducing unexpected colour ways into a parquet floor. Think Neobo’s Nordic Grey, or go slightly more bold with the Salted Pewter Parquet. Giving refined, elegant and modern vibes to any room, this style of floor is the perfect balance between trendy and traditional.

By introducing Parquet into your home you can be certain that the outcome will be effective, practical and stand the test of time. Combined with modern techniques and materials - such as LVT and new exciting colours - Parquet undoubtedly remains a staple in the industry.

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