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5 Reasons You Should Be Using LVT for your Bathroom Flooring


Neobo Bathroom Flooring  LVT

Luxury Vinyl Tiling is constructed in layers, the top layer being a PVC wear layer. This layer is what makes LVT so waterproof. The waterproof nature of LVT makes it the perfect choice for kitchens and bathrooms, which is practical, but also stylish and will often be mistaken for real hardwood flooring or ceramics.

Laminate flooring, which is typically considered for that desired wood appearance but without the price tag, does not have this waterproof quality that makes LVT perfect. If the moisture or humidity surrounding laminate flooring is not controlled then the core of laminate acts like a sponge, absorbing any moisture which causes disruption such as squeaking, swelling and staining. LVT is the solution to the problems that moisture can cause to laminate flooring.

The waterproof nature of LVT is makes it the perfect choice for the home of a growing family; spillages in a busy bathroom can be easily dealt with, and young children splashing in the bath will not lead to damage to the bathroom floor.

Comfort and Warmth

Neobo Bathroom Flooring  LVT

In the winter particularly, tiled flooring is cold and uncomfortable to walk on barefoot. Getting ready for work in the morning on a cold winter day is hard enough, without the added discomfort of walking on a cold tiled floor. Ceramic and stone floors do not retain heat, and is one of their major downfalls to consider in a family home. LVT has insulation properties; the underlay that is part of its construction provides added insulation in addition to its top layer which feels warmer and more comfortable.

LVT replicates the look of a natural tiled floor but can do this with a warmer and softer feel underfoot. Comfort can be provided without losing the desired appearance. LVT creates a warm natural looking environment which adds a level of comfort to your home which will be gratefully noticed by family members and visitors.

Slip Resistant

Neobo Bathroom Flooring  LVT

The lack of comfort that a ceramic floor provides is not its only downfall, its use in bathrooms and kitchens can be dangerous due to how slippery it becomes when wet. In the bathroom, spillages are often made. If a child runs into the bathroom not completely aware of their surroundings a serious accident could occur. This danger should also be considered for older members of the family, where a fall in the bathroom due to a slip on wet ceramic floor could have severe consequences.

Ceramic floors are not only dangerous in this respect, they are also significantly harder than LVT, so less forgiving if an incident does occur.

LVT is slip resistant, making it a safer alternative for kitchens and bathrooms for all members of the family.

Design Options

Neobo Bathroom Flooring  LVT

One of the most appealing aspects of LVT flooring is its appearance. A wide variety of designs are available, making it a popular choice for interior focused homeowners who are looking for stylish options for all rooms in the home, yet still looking for functionality and practicality.

LVT provides the same look as wood or ceramic flooring with a remarkably convincing finish, but with a variety of benefits. The appearance of depth and texture that LVT provides gives a luxury and natural finish, which if created with stone or wood would cost an excessive amount of money, and run the risk of the issues mentioned previously.

The range of design possibilities available means that there is an option for every homeowner with a wide range of tastes. A classic wood floor look can be achieved in kitchens and dining rooms, which is homely and warm. A modern grey tiled appearance can be created in bathrooms, which when paired against beautiful bathroom fittings is impressively effective.

As previously mentioned, LVT flooring is warmer, softer, easier to maintain and safer – making it a perfect option for the bathroom. But the finish of LVT means that style does not need to be compromised.


Neobo Bathroom Flooring  LVT

LVT flooring is renowned for being easy to clean, making it the ideal option for the home of a growing family where spillages are frequently made. No complicated methods are needed, regular vacuuming a quick wipe is all that is needed to clear up any daily messes.

If damage is made to the floor – which is highly unlikely – such as a scratch or break, the single tile causing the issue can be replaced. This is not the case with other kinds of flooring, such as lino, in which case the whole floor would have to be replaced.

LVT easily fits into everyday life; its simplicity to maintain makes it the ideal option for those with a busy lifestyle who want practicality, as well as design.

LVT has many advantages; style, safety, comfort and convenience. Perfect for every kind of home; a busy young family where spillages and safety are a priority, or a stylish interior obsessive who can achieve the look of ceramic or stone without the hassle these natural options entail. LVT ensures that compromises do not have to be made when choosing your new flooring.

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