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5 Interior cliches you should avoid!

1 - Matchy-Matchy

When browsing through an interiors brochure, customers are bombarded with images of rooms which hold matching furniture and coordinating furnishings. Although this may seem an easy way to create a sense of style in a room, the effect that it gives is impersonal, uninviting and rather thoughtless. Of course coordination is important, but rather than buying all your furnishings from one shop on one day, have a theme in mind and shop around!

A room filled with items collected from various times and places creates a warm and inviting space, creates conversation and shows that thought has gone into creating a well designed space. The different elements of your decor should of course compliment each other, but choose a piece of artwork because you love it, not because it matches your rug.

2 - Plaques, Signs and Quotes

‘Keep Calm and Carry On’, ‘Enjoy the little things’, ‘Live, Laugh, Love’.

All great sentiments, but they have become an interior cliche many are set on avoiding in their homes. Our advice is to go graphic, bold and colourful with these kind of messages.

Independent retailers online offer a wide variety of eye-catching prints, that once framed, make a great focal point in the room that is unique whilst still portraying those positive vibes you are after. Lots of websites also offer bespoke personalisation of quotations or colourways, which can add a touch of personality to a room whilst still remaining stylish.

3 - Beige isn’t always best

Colour can be intimidating. But that doesn’t mean your whole home has to be painted beige with a cream carpet. Consider grey as a neutral colourway that can be used throughout the home.

It can be dressed however you like but still inserts a dash more personality than the basic neutrals you find in most homes. To achieve the very eclectic and on-trend finish of dark walls, a dark shade of grey is perfect in making a statement that still remains neutral and can be easily built upon. Similarly, for light walls that create a sense of space and serenity; a pale, stone grey is ideal.

Grey is a great, on trend option, but don’t be afraid of colour! Dark blues and greens in living or dining rooms create drama that is inviting and cosy.

4 - Playing it safe?

Floors are often overlooked in interior design, but by choosing a floor that has an element of design and uniqueness, personality can be added to a room in a non-overwhelming and classic manner.

Texture and pattern in your choice of floor will add a layer of depth to the room. Consider a parquet floor, such as Neobo’s ‘Roasted Coffee LVT Parquet’, the dark and sophisticated colour of this floor creates a classic, dramatic and expensive appearance.

As mentioned earlier, grey is a hugely popular trend at the moment, but its neutral quality means that it also has a classic element that will not date.

Neobo’s ‘Nordic Grey’ provides a neutral wood finish that creates a feeling of calm and space; but with an added layer of finesse with its grey tones that can be drawn upon when styling a room.

5 - Themes

A theme in a room can be a great thing, it creates unity in your space. However, they can easily become tacky and overdone. The seaside trend, shabby chic, monochrome, marble and rose gold. When a theme takes over a room it is distracting and even gimmicky.

If you love a theme, then go for it! But consider subtle and original ways to insert it into your decor. For example, a black and white themed gallery wall with a few accent colours creates a stylish yet monochromatic look.

To achieve a piece of the seaside at home, consider a pale wood look floor, such as Neobo’s ‘Chalked Lace’, which echoes beach huts in a sophisticated manner.

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