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17 Signs You Work With Interiors

1. You can’t go anywhere without getting distracted by the interior design

‘... WOW look at those vases they are amazing… Sorry! What were you saying…’

2. Even the most boring items in your home are pretty

Matching coat hangers? Check. ? Stylish wooden spoons? Of course. Even bathroom bins are that perfect shade of metallic.

3. You choose cafes and restaurants based on their interiors

You know what makes a great coffee taste even better? A gorgeous teal cup and saucer.

4. You can’t relax if pictures are crooked

And your family and friends love to push your buttons by moving them sligtly to the left.

5. You have to restrain yourself from commenting on your friend’s interiors

But the room would feel so much bigger if the sofa was over here!

6. It takes way too long to make your bed in the morning

Seven extra cushions and two throws that never get slept on are definitely necessary

7. You can never have enough candles

And people always know to buy them for you on birthdays and Christmas.

8. Pinterest is your passion

People may think you are replying to important emails, but really you’re just scrolling through another interiors board.

9. Your partner regularly comes home to find you moving the furniture

Much to their disappointment when you ask them for help carrying the armchair back to the place it was when you began.

10. A trip to IKEA is always on the cards

It may be some people’s nightmare, but you can’t think of a better day out.

11. You have to restrain yourself from buying more interiors themed coffee table books and magazines

How many more luxe glossy pages can you pile up on your bedside table?

12. Everything is an Instagram opportunity

People live for your weekly coffee table shots.

13. You lose valuable time at big family events dressing the dinner table that should be spent cooking or socialising

‘Yeah I will be in in one second! I just need to rearrange these napkins.’

14. You read up on all latest trends

And you wish you could have them all in your home, but the perfectionist in you couldn’t bear to have that many contradictory styles at once.

15. You have a drawer filled with random ribbons, postcards and fake flowers because one day they will be a perfect accessory

Your partner may be desperate to throw them away but you are certain that they will have their time to shine.

16. You’re a perfectionist

In every aspect of your life, why would this not be the case in your home!

17. You aren’t afraid of the dirty work

It’s not all fluffing pillows and colour coordinating the books on you bookcase, you are not one to shy away from getting involved with moving heavy furniture or building a flat pack.

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