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How to make more money by using neobo

How you can make more money for your business by using

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As a flooring fitter, you may, at times, find it difficult to make a decent profit on jobs. This could be down to the fact that the customer has purchased their floor online and simply want you to 'fit it' OR it may be because as an independent fitter you have to purchase LVT at a retail rate because LVT brands won't work with you

Neobo allows you to not only offer the customer a great price but also make a healthy profit for you and your business.





I can't believe the margin I just made on this!?

I can't believe the price I have just purchased this for!

Our product quality is second to none. If you were to ask any contractor about Neobo you will rarely hear an issue regarding product quality. With that being said our pricing structure is designed around you as a contractor making more money and your customer getting a very high-quality product. 


All of our products have a 0.55mm wear layer so see how our product compares to the pricing you may currently get for Amtico Spacia or Karndean Van Gogh by using our 'Margin Calculator' below. 





The new Neobo range is not and will not be sold online direct to the end user. 


Have you ever had a customer tell you that they can get the product cheaper online and that they just want you to give them a cost to 'fit it'


Well with Neobo you will never have this inevitable price war. Your quoted price will be the cheapest price that the customer will ever receive for a neobo product. 


No more missing out on profit by fitting a product a customer has bought for cheap online!


Say you currently pay £21 per meter for a 0.55mm product, say something like Amtico Spacia. 


If you swap one 30 meter job to neobo then that is an extra £271.50 in your pocket. 


Do this once a month for a year and you can net an extra £3258 per year.


And remember, you haven't compromised on quality for your customer and you haven't had to fit any more LVT than you usually would. 





'Your product retails at less than the other brands, so won't customers just purchase neobo online and then call us to 'fit it' just as they are doing with other brands right now!'


No, no and definitely no ...


Customers CANNOT and WILL NOT ever be able to purchase the product directly online at a cheaper price and ask you to 'fit it'. We at neobo look after you the fitter and you alone are the only people who will be able to obtain our partner trade price. Meaning that you will never be forced into a bidding war for a job when using neobo. 


In fact, if a customer comes to us wanting neobo, we will pass you the lead as one of our partner fitters. Meaning you get the job. We don't supply the material and you fit it. A neobo lead is your lead. 




To Recap : 


  • A pricing Structure to allow you, the fitter, to make more money per job


  • NO online retailers selling neobo to YOUR customers


  • The same high-quality product that you may currently be fitting at a much more cost-effective price to both you and your customer


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