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  • LVT Story

    • Fastest Grwoing Sector​

    • Reason being

  • Our Story

    • New kid on the block​

    • better than the traditional

    • established through contractors

      • Acid test​

      • the hard way

    • how are we different

  • differ on a specific goal

  • things we dont do

    • no massive range

    • no sales team

    • no big overheads


As a developer, we know it is a continual challenge to be a competitor in what is now a very crowded market. 

This constant competition means your project and your product has to be both better and different than your competitor.


We know that your aim as a developer is to increase the quality of your offering without taking on any further risk or expenditure.  

Speak to Simon Mills, Neobo CEO and ex Amtico Director about how together we can overcome your flooring challenges. 

  • Flooring transforms a room

  • Makes a project unique and a cut above

  • Design capability to build design around you

  • To be a bespoke floor for you, designed for you

  • Industry leading design

  • Goals

    • Demonstrate how we can improve their product

    • they agree to a meeting to look at prioduct

    • let us show you the product

      • benchmark it against waht you currently have​

Our Design Pedigree 

As you know, Finishes are one of the most important aspects when it comes to selling your property. They are, of course, not the most expensive aspect of many new developments but they are the first thing a buyer will notice. 

Flooring takes up a huge percentage of the finishes and can be the difference between a sale and somebody walking away. Therefore, the floor you choose is a huge opportunity for you to be better than your competitors. 

Speak directly to our CEO about your finishes today and how we lead the market. 

  • Design Director Amtico

  • Decopro - how we design

  • Industry leading pattern repeat 

  • best looking lvt on the market - our finish is th emost realistic

Meeting your aims

We know that flooring happens at the very end of your project when budgets have often been squeezed and decisions need to be made without any risk of failure. 

Our CEO Simon Mills, spent 15+ years at the very top of the LVT flooring world before embarking on building Neobo to what it is today. Therefore, we know what risks can be involved in flooring, from the beginning of the project to the very end, from the manufacturing process to the fitting. 

We want to make sure there is absolutely NO RISK in choosing Neobo for your project and that we also meet your aims when it comes to PRODUCT and COST. 

Hence why we want you to speak directly to the director about your project. Click below to have Simon contact you about your project. 

  • Compare us with what you currently use

  • No risk - our experience + our product 

  • Comparison of the technicals so there is no risk on that side also. 

The Flooring Choice of :
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